Unlimited Laser Coaching for MultiPassionistas?


Unlimited Laser Coaching is my process where your sessions are short (20 minutes or less).

They are to the point, and get to the core dynamic of your situation, obstacle, and insight to get you moving forward fast! and they are UNLIMITED for 6 months!

Interestingly, “Short Sessions” are not the goal or point of the laser coaching process. They are simply a byproduct of my really effective and efficient coaching process.

You get unlimited access to me for these sessions with one caveat: you must complete the assignment from the latest session before scheduling the next.

Laser Coaching can be done together with regular Transformational Coaching and Consulting which works toward achieving larger deeper goals

Laser Coaching is more for things like:

  • Getting to clear on what’s bothering you (as opposed to what you might THINK is bothering you)
  • Helping you identify solutions to specific business or work-related issues
  • Increasing clarity in roles and objectives
  • Generating improvements in your performance
  • Gets right to the point, which is perfect for multi-passionate entrepreneurs since you have so many things going on!
  • Gives you a taste of what coaching is all about before you jump into a larger more expensive and time-intensive program

Speaking of expensive, this program is NOT!

Unlimited Laser Coaching for MultiPassionistas is only $1250 for 6 months!