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About Terri Babers - That's ME

I am a CoachSultant and I help Multipassionistas (multi-passionate, multi-talented consultants, coaches and other entrepreneurs) know their own value as jacks-of-all-trades masters-of-many!

This can be tough to do if you happen to be a Leonardo-style thinker living in this Mozart world!

If this is you, it is my mission to equip you to create a profitable and sustainable business from all those areas of expertise you’ve garnered over years of being a personal growth and learning junkie … one who has a bazillion ideas, like a Leonardo!

Are you interested in so many career or business paths that it feels impossible to pick just one? 

Have others referred to you as flaky, scattered, unfocused, or unpredictable? That was totally me, my whole life! 

I’m a Business, Lifestyle, and Personal Development CoachSultant and I get it…

I want to assure you, you can know that you’re not only normal, but you might also be a veritable genius. There’s nothing wrong with you. 

Perhaps you’re a MultiPassionista (Renaissance Soul, Scanner, MultiPotentialite, Generalist, etc).  

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