1 Year - Unlimited Laser Coaching For Positive Change
$997 ~ that's only $84 a month!

What is “Laser Coaching” you ask?
Laser Coaching is 15 minute hyper focused (but not rushed) coaching and consulting appointments by video or phone. You leave the session with clear directions on an agreed-upon homework assignment to move your business and your life forward.
And this is truly “unlimited!” Unlimited, one-on-one Laser Coaching for Positive Change


Schedule as many 15 minute laser coaching sessions as you wish over the next year. 

There is a catch though! You must complete your homework assignment before scheduling the next session. When your assignment is complete, you can schedule your next appointment immediately.



You’ll have Email access as needed to me if you need assistance with your homework or if you have any questions. 


This is a brilliant strategy for coaching for so many reasons!  One of which is time! If you are busy building a business, maybe working a job, running a family, and just plain living and loving your life, it can feel overwhelming to try to fit another hour-long appointment into your schedule!  With Laser Coaching…. it is hyper-focused, in-and-done in 15 minute! Whoo hoo!

Laser Coaching is really great because implements the proverbial elephant-eating trick, you can eat the whole thing ~ One Step At A Time! You get to work on steps, one step at a time leading you through the milestones to your ultimate objectives.  You walk away from the session with ONE assignment!  


We start the process with a 45-minute session. If either of us feels this Unlimited Laser Coaching is not a fit, you money will be returned and the coaching terminated .



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Your journal is an especially important tool for life and business coaching. Using a unique online journaling tool that allows you to journal in a completely private space (except that you may share with your Positive Changes Coach) I’ve designed a series of 52 weekly journaling prompts designed to coach yourself toward …

                                  • Being clear on your assets, strengths and gift
  • Getting a perspective in your life
  • Developing a Growth Mindset
  • Overcoming your doubts and blocks
  • Setting and achieving goals using a unique system to create milestones and mini-goals
  • Increasing your energy levels, motivations and inspirations
  • Enhancing your well-being and happiness