I am a CoachSultant and I help Multipassionistas (multi-passionate, multi-talented consultants, coaches and other entrepreneurs) know their own value.  

This can be tough to do if you happen to be a Leonardo-style thinker living in this Mozart world!

If this is you, I can equip you to create a profitable and sustainable business from all those areas of expertise you’ve garnered over years of being a personal growth and learning junkie … one who has a bazillion ideas, like a Leonardo!

I help you SEE and BE you.  When you see and be who are created to be, you can DO what you are created to do the WAY you are created to do all those amazing, innovative things.  And there is no need to pinch yourself into that Mozart Mold.

You’re here because you obviously want to know a bit about me,Terri Babers.

Are you interested in so many career or business paths that it feels impossible to pick just one? Have others referred to you as flaky, scattered, unfocused, or unpredictable? That was totally me, my whole life! 

I’m a Business and Lifestyle Coach and Personal Development Consultant and I get it…

I want to assure you, you can know that you’re not only normal, but you’re also a veritable genius. There’s nothing wrong with you. 

You just might be a MultiPassionista (Renaissance Soul, Scanner, MultiPotentialite, Generalist, etc).

What you need to do is See and Be YOU! So you can make the most of YOU in Everything you do. You can do a lot!What I do is help multi-passionate coaches and leaders uncover who they are and what they want to do (for now). And to figure out how and why they want to do it.

I equip them to develop solid systems and profitable packages that pulls together all their passionately held areas of expertise and diverse knowledge bases. I do it as a coach and consultant and I LOVE it.I’m a consultant and coach who happens to be Leonardo-style thinker and doer living in a Mozart style world.

I’m a personal growth junkie, bibliophie, an avid reader, a flaming extrovert with introverted tendencies and high ideaphoria, and I’m a MultiPassionista who has finally figured out my own value!I get to help other MultiPassionistas, especially multi-passionate, multi-talented consultants, coaches and other entrepreneurs know their own value. I help you SEE and BE you; see and be who are created to be, so you can DO what you are created to do the WAY you are created to do all those things. That it is such an cool thing to for me to get to do.

Wonder how this MultiPassionista began coaching other MultiPassionistas? Or how I got into coaching in the first place? Check out my story here.

Sadly, over nearly 40 years of my professional life, I allowed myself to be pressured into “sticking to just one career path” …. and the another …. and then another with all the shame and guilt that I heaped on myself.

The pressure came from well meaning family and friends, teachers and counselors. Worse, it came from me! I laid a ton of pressure on myself to “be normal,” to pick just one! 

It never felt right to pick just one. I’ve done everything from Dental Hygiene to Real Estate, from Mediation to Teaching at University, and none of those came anywhere near satisfying my multiple passions and interest