Month: September 2019

  • Picking Niches? Start with What and Who You Love to Work with

    Do you go with what you love when you pick your niche (or niches as the case may certainly be)?  

    Do you go with what you know about, what you’ve experienced?

    Or do you go who you want to work with, because you know you can’t effectively work with everyone?

    All of them! 

    . . . and OMG This last one is vital! You must be sure that you LIKE the people you’ll be serving! 

    Me personally? I like to work with nice, fun and creative people. I have my own definition of a “nice,” “fun” and “creative” people and I’ve journaled about it at length.

    This essential criteria of working with who you want to work with is the 2nd of 6 Things to Pay Attention To to when you are trying to ensure the niches you’ve picked are profitable and are right for YOU!

    The first piece, “what you love,”  is kinda tough for a multi-passionista.  

    Because we love so many things! So own that reality. Jump in with both feet and name all the things you love to do, for now.

    Write this list of everything you love to do in your idea book or your journal. Then set them aside, for now. If you are a MultiPassionista, you will certainly keep adding to it. You recorded it so you can always come back to them, I promise!

    The next filter is to move on to what you know about. You want to leverage your personal experience. Your experience can absolutely transform your work.

    I’m not saying you need to be an absolute expert in everything you coach ~ we all know that coaches are experts at coaching not in the subject matter they coach people around. 

    But sharing information and stories from your own life experiences and your own expertise gives you more credibility, makes you relate-able!

    So for example,“people in transition” is a common label new coaches want to apply to their niche. They’ve experienced transition so they can surely help others, right?

    The problem with that niche label – people in transition – is that millions and billions of people around the world fit! Because life is all about transition and change.

    For every person on the planet!

    It’s too broad, too wide, and too expansive.

    Different types of transitions and change bring up different problems and challenges for different people.

    So what do you do? 

    Consider do you actually like the people you are thinking about serving or working with?

    This is one great way to determine if your niche is hot or not!

    Be sure you like working with that person. 


    I’m not talking about your “ideal client” here; we’ve all done the ideal client exercise. 

    I want you to simply think about the kind of people you like to be around. That’s all for now. And use that as ONE of your filters.

    But since you really like people, how do you know who you really want to work with?

    Journal about who you DON’T WANT TO WORK WITH! that is the second and perhaps better filter for a multi-passionate entrepreneur who really genuinely likes people.

    Sometimes the best way is to figure out what you want, is to filter out what you don’t want! Away-from language has its benefits when it comes to decision-making!

    So if you are multi-passionista with too many passions and fascinations to pick just one, here are my questions to help you narrow down who you want to work with and what you want to help them with!

    Who do you NOT want to work with?

    What kinds of challenges do you NOT want to deal with?