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I'm Terri, a Life & Business Design for Coaches w Too Many Passions to Pick Just One!

I believe multi-passionate coaches don’t need to be forced to focus on one path, despite widespread guru advice to “niche-down”.

You may be a MultiPassionista; a Leonardo-style thinker and doer living in a Mozart world!

I’m an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Leadership Team,  a Certified Money Marketing & Soul Business Coach, has a Masters Degree in Professional Communication, is Certified with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. 



The most powerful way to unlock your true potential as a business woman is to Identify and Leverage the Soul of your brand’s archetype.  Branding with Archetypes allows you to pinpoint and voice your deepest, most authentic truths and bring your brand story to life to magnetically attract ideal customers.                    

You have 3 Money Archetypes that form your Money Personality and influence how you “deal” with money. The questions are, do you know your Archetypes? And are you leveraging your Money Personality so that it’s beneficial to you and the impact you intend to make?


You will figure out if you are a Multi-passionista , a smart, curious, and very busy person who knows she could do anything if she just knew what it was – and if she had some guidance and support and the confidence to put her incredible multi-talented brain to work in a way that works for HER!


Things will never change if I keep doing my life the way I've always done it. So it was time to change something already!

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