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for MultiPassionistas

Helping Jack-of-All-Trades Professionals Profit & Make an Impact as a Master-of-Many

Leaders, coaches and entrepreneurs always benefit when they can clearly identify their core values, their key assets and strengths, overcome any limiting beliefs and obstacles and heal money wounds.

That is where we start when you work with me, with your Identity: your values, your strengths, your passions. 

Believe it or not, being a passionate, well-educated and credentialed, “Jack-of-All-Trades” is a strength.  It is not something to be embarrassed about as you may have been led to believe! You simply need to acknowledge that you are a Master-of-Many.

My goal is to help you See and Be YOU! So you can “make the most of you in everything you do” (great couple of taglines don’t you think?) … From there I help you create profitable, flexible systems and packages, all from your existing knowledge and skill sets.

And from your many areas of interest, passion and genuine expertise.

That said, let’s admit it – a big obstacle we face as MultiPassionistas is the overwhelm. I call this overwhelm the “MultiPassionista Paralysis.” Because it really can paralyze us when we have “too many ideas syndrome,” and when there are so many excellent, interesting opportunities! and because the gurus (who operate from a Mozart perspective) keep telling us to ‘niche down’.

But we don’t want to niche down… that isn’t who we are. We don’t want to be someone else. We don’t want to have fewer passions, hobbies, and ways to make a difference in the world.

Being “a Leonardo in a Mozart world,” means not fitting in with other people’s or society’s expectations to pick one career. Not only can it leave you feeling that overwhelm but it can lead to feeling misunderstood, ashamed, and embarrassed, not to mention guilty … and all that makes it tough to feel good and confident in your decisions. I wrote an e-book, MultiPassionista Unparalyzed can help you navigate those tricky waters of decision-making.

Pursuing multiple passions can be frustrating and stressful sometimes, but doesn’t mean losing your sanity, either. Realize you don’t have to do them all at once. I have some amazing strategies to help you save your ideas for later. And to drop the guilt and shame that comes with all those negative labels like flaky, flighty, jack of all trades master of none.

The potential we MultiPassionistas have is tremendous. The solutions to the world’s problems aren’t just in the engineers, the doctors, the architects or the farmers. It’s in all of those combined. You’ve got to cross over industries and disciplines to come up with real solutions to what’s going on in the world.

People who are experts at lots of things; that’s who MultiPassionistas are. They may have trained as a lawyer, a yoga instructor and piano teacher, a therapist, a watercolor artist, and an environmental activist. All the same person! They can take what they know from all of those knowledge bases and come up with solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.

Please believe me, your diversity of interests, passions, talents and skills does not make you irresponsible, directionless, or even unstable.

Your multiple passions and talents are a good thing.

See and Be YOU for who you really are. So you can make the best of you in everything you do. Only then can you do what you are really created to do.

Stop giving in to societal expectations to be someone you’re not, to do something you’re not wired to do i.e. focus on one thing. With my guidance, you can learn about what lights you up and translate that into a flexible business, career or ministry that fits you, for now.

Contact me for a chat! I’d love to know how I can help you.


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