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Multi-Passionista UNparalyzed

Have you ever felt paralyzed by having to choose just one thing when there are so MANY interesting and important things out there just waiting for you to do? 

How can you "Pick just one" when you feel so passionately fascinated by so many ideas and projects?  

There’s that awful thought... 

“If I choose that one, I’m gonna lose the option of this other one!”  

Or how about this... 

You actually DID invest your energy and money and creativity in one option - you actually committed.

You chose one. And you were really good at it! 

You succeeded beyond all expectations!  

THEN you began to feel completely bored out of your mind, antsy for something new, stuck by all that success! Unable to quit or walk away? What about the shame of disappointing the people around you and “never living up to your potential?”  

Or have you struggled with the frustration of sharing exciting new ideas or projects, talking enthusiastically about the possibilities with someone only to watch their eyes glaze over or role back in their heads … and you can practically hear them thinking, “oh Geeze! NOW what is she into!”  

Would you be interested hear about ways you can actually...

  • pick any and all of your ideas?
  • to never lose another idea or project?
  • be able to do all the things you were born to do?
  • freely experience that you can do it all, with a flexible plan?
  • build a prosperous, profitable business that lets you engage in a multitude of passions and interests? 

How about learning to stop pleasing everyone else, stop judging yourself and breaking your own heart? How would that feel?  

If any of this is familiar, the Multi-Passionista UNparalyzed is for you!

In my book, you'll work on THREE exercises to help you discover and get clear on your multiple passions and have them align with your core values.